Mungindi is uniquely situated on both sides of the NSW and Queensland Border on the eastern side of Australia. Divided by the Barwon River, it is the only border town in the Southern Hemisphere with the same name in two states.

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Situated on the Carnarvon Highway which links Melbourne with Darwin, Mungindi is located 120km north west of Moree, 120klms south of St.George and 150klms south west of Goondiwindi. It is the connecting point of four Shires.

The One Ton Post, believed to be the largest survey peg in Australia, was erected by Mr. John Cameron in 1881. It marks the completion of two long years of surveying the 29th parallel, forming the border between NSW and QLD. The One Ton Post stands where the 29th parallel meets the Barwon River.

The Central Business District is located in NSW, but uniquely there are two Police stations, one in each state. The Schools, with the exception of the Community Pre-School, are in NSW. The Hospital is situated on the Queensland side.
In 2006, the town opened its Rural Transaction Centre, incorporating many local services and businesses under one roof.
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Mungindi has a population of approximately 700 people, with the district producing wheat, cotton, wool, beef and sheep.

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Mungindi Maintenance Interviews

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